Sunday, December 23, 2012

5 Year Old Doll Party

My BFF/neighbor's family has the cutest tradition. When a girl in their family turns 5 years old, her birthday party is a doll party. You can see the adorable invitations that she sent out here.

This was technically a third generation doll party - It was held a few weeks ago...but with all the excitement of the early birth of our son, I am just now getting around to posting the details. The party was held at our house, and I loved having all these giggly girls over for the afternoon.

The decorations were adorable...and pink, of course.

She was also able to make this party very cost effective by making the decorations solid colors rather than a themed character.

Wrapping paper makes an excellent table runner. And all white dishes will complement any event.


Tip: To make your chalk drawings seem darker, simply wet the stick of chalk in a little glass of water before drawing on your blackboard. Once the drawing dries, it will be so bold and dark. 

Once the girls began to arrive, the party never had a dull moment.

The girls all took the opportunity to introduce themselves and the doll that they brought.

Then, they measured and weighed their dolls - each one won a prize for something...


 Tallest doll, best hair, best eyes, etc.

Party hats were made for each doll.

And while the girls were decorating their hats, award ribbons were placed on each doll.

We thought "Largest Doll" sounded more polite than "Heaviest Doll." We didn't want to give anyone a complex.

They played "Pin the Bow on the Doll." 

And a party isn't complete without cake. 

And I think this disaster lets you know that the girls had a great time! 

I was glad to be able to share in the festivities. Every girl loves a party - no matter how old they are. 

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  1. Makes me want to come! Looks like a super fun time!