Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Many have prayed. And our prayers have been answered.

On Monday afternoon, we were able to bring our little Christmas miracle home with us.


Filled with emotions (excited, afraid, name it!), we packed Hudson up and carefully drove him home.

It is so wonderful to now have our family together. And it seems like we just stare at him all the time.

I also love how great he looks under the tree...our little "Christmas Miracle."

We didn't know we'd be able to give our little Hudson Christmas gifts this year.

Nana and Pawpaw even got Jeremiah and Hudson a set of Lincoln Logs.

We've kept his "homecoming" hush-hush. Hudson can't really have visitors yet - He wasn't due to arrive until January 18th. So we will help protect his little immune system until he is bigger.

We have been blessed by so many friends - bringing meals, diapers, gifts, preemie clothes, etc. God just continues to bless us.

We have loved being surrounded by our family as well. Grandparents are great! And they have been so helpful in helping Jeremiah and I with the house and the baby during my recovery.

He had his first doctor visit yesterday - and we are proud to say he now weighs 4 pounds, 9 ounces. Praise the Lord that he has gained 5 ounces since he was released for the Special Care Unit. I still can't believe he was only 3 pounds and 12 ounces at birth.

We continue to thank the Lord for His goodness and care. We are so glad that He is bigger than any situation we have encountered, and we are amazed at the many people we have been able to share our story with. We truly want the Lord to receive the glory for all that He has done for us.

“Up to this point the LORD has helped us!”

I Samuel 7:12


  1. So wonderful :-) best Christmas ever and what a wonderful time the three of you will have being together... Love you guys and still praying!

  2. I am so happy that he is home! I hope that you are recovering well Cindy. Our thoughts and prayers remain with you!

  3. So glad to hear that Hudson is home with you guys for Christmas! God is so good! Thank ypu for your wonderful testimony through this all. What a blessing! Merry christmas. :-)

  4. We are praying for you and your family. I shared your blog with my sister and my mom this past week and they will also pray for your family. My sister is a RN at Children's in Seattle and she said Hudson looks great and healthy. All three of us listened to your dad's sermon too - we loved listening to his message! Blessings,prayers and love from Seattle.

  5. What a blessing!!! Prayers are answered while we continue to remember Hudson and Cindy, and Jeremiah. This will be the best Christmas ever!! I and many from my church share your joy and continue to pray for you. Merry Merry Christmas!!!