Thursday, August 9, 2012

Book Review: Peterson, Touching the Sky

Late last night, I finished reading book two in Tracie Peterson's Land of the Lone Star series, Touching the Sky. I had previously read book one (see the review here). I had found book one to be slightly boring. It seemed to lack gripping characters and a believable story line.  However, book two proved to be more engaging, dramatic and gripping from the first few chapters.

Although this book is part of a series (2 of 3), it barely mentions the characters from book one. Therefore, you do not necessarily have to read them in order. This book does take place in the same Texas, post Civil War setting. Laura Marquardt, daughter of a well known Union supporter, almost immediately finds herself drawn to Captain Brandon Reid, soldier in the Union army. Laura's sister, however, has decided to quickly marry a man that is under surveillance for some shady business against the Union troops. Laura must quickly decide who's side she is on. Should she protect her sister against this crazy man, following Brandon and her heart? Or should believe the side her sister sees at first, abandoning her chance at true love?

Though not my favorite book, this story was still well written with characters that I cam to care about. I also enjoyed the subtle Christian message woven throughout. I loved the fact that Brandon consulted Proverbs 31 when praying about the wife God would have for him. I also found it interesting that Laura clearly acknowledged that God held her heart until He showed her the right husband. Laura also clearly found her satisfaction in doing what God called her to do.

 I am grateful that Bethany House provided this book for reviewing purposes.

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