Monday, August 6, 2012

Conquering UGO

I love an adventure -- Especially if that adventure involves saving a few dollars or getting a great deal. And I am so grateful that my next door neighbor/bff loves to go on these mini-adventures with me. This morning, we decided to check out the United Grocery Outlet (UGO) that is about 5 minutes from our neighborhood.

I love to coupon - but sometimes, I get a little tired of all the printing and cutting and organizing. And sometimes, I just want to run to the store and buy things at a great price. I often shop at Aldi for this reason. I can get great prices on the groceries we need without cutting or using a single coupon. Aldi is definitely the best place to get cheap produce! You can't get a 5 lb bag of tangerines for $1.49 or a 5 lb bag of potatoes for $0.99 anywhere else! There are a few things to consider if you are going to shop at Aldi. You will need to bring your own shopping bags. You can purchase some there, but I usually just bring my reusable shopping totes. You will also need a quarter to release a buggy - you will get your quarter back when you return the cart. And, they do not accept credit cards. So make sure that you have cash or a debit card on hand.

I also love to check out the food deals at our Dollar Tree. They often have a great deals on frozen veggies or bread.

UGO, however, does accept credit cards. But after a walk through the store, it does seem that the selection would be hit or miss. It will be a great place to supplement my groceries. I will just have to keep in mind that they may not always have the same items. Stores and companies sell overstocked items to UGO at discounted rates. You may also want to check the expiration dates on the items. I saw a few things that had just expired.

I joined their email list a few weeks back. Each Sunday, they email me a copy of the weekly flyer, highlighting any good deals they may have. I did pick up a few items that were definite winners today. Some were listed on the flyer. And otheres were totally random. I did kinda do a squeal and a happy dance when I saw California Kitchen BBQ Chicken frozen pizzas for $3! They can run around $6 at normal stores. The baby really likes these pizzas! But I also went into the storeonthe hunt for a few of the items on the ad. You can view their weekly ad here.

I purchased 10 lbs of popcorn chicken for $6.99 (Ashlee and I split this deal). I thought the chicken would be great on salads or tossed in BBQ Sauce to resemble a boneless wing. I also was so excited to find the Philadelphia Chocolate Indulgence for just $0.50!!! And I picked up a gallon of white Queso cheese for $2.99 (It came with a free jar of salsa and a free bag of chips). There were plenty of other good deals this week. $0.79 Grands biscuits, $1 Cheeze-its, $1.29 Triscuits and $1.99 Girl Scout cookie flavored ice cream! It will definitely be a place I check often. I must admit, it was not a glamorous store - it was pretty primitive. However, the deals were GREAT!

Have any of you checked out UGO's deals? I'd love to hear where you're finding your latest bargain. 

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