Tuesday, November 1, 2011

If my walls could talk...

I love to hang things on the wall. If my walls could talk, I'm sure they would discuss how accessorized they feel. I have a love for hanging odd things on the wall.

Old windows (this one was found in the woods at Mt Lou San - Yes, Ardy knew I took it),

large utensils (which my grandmother gave me - I painted them red this weekend),

letters (I figured out my "C" is from Ace Hardware),  large clocks,

or art made from brown paper and sharpie.

When we first moved into the house, I was excited about the blank canvas - (excuse the blurry pictures. I was probably so excited to be in the new house that I couldn't stop jumping up and down)

what would I hang where? There is definitely more wall space in this house than there was in the apartment - more spaces to fill with things I love!

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine from high school told me of a business she and her husband had just started.  It's a business called Wisdom on the Wall. They have a growing collection of wall decals. I was excited to see they also do custom decals, as well - I will be keeping this in mind for future projects.

I fell in love with this wall quote - I wasn't quite sure where it would find its resting place in our home. But I knew it would be a great daily reminder.

Last Thursday, when I came home from work, my decal had been delivered. But I still faced a bit of a dilemma...where to put it? I had two places in mind.

I taped the decal up in both places. I sent pictures to a few friends for their opinion, and I had my best friend/neighbor check it out as well. I sat in all the seats in the living room, stood in multiple places, all the while, moving the decal between the two locations.

Eventually, I decided the quote would reside to the left of my living room window (Option #1).

It seemed to complement the picture on the right side of the window without feeling too matchy-matchy. Option #2 felt a little cramped, and I was afraid I woudn't enjoy it as much in the corner.

I simply followed the simple instructions sent to me - I laid the decal letters face-down on the kitchen floor. After rubbing a credit-card over all the letters I was able to roll the backing off of the decal. The script letters, being much more delicate and thin took a little more care -

but eventually, it was ready for placement. I had already marked on the wall where the decal would be find its home - I also checked it with a level to ensure the phrases would be straight. After a little help from neighbor Ashlee, the quote was on the wall.  Much like I peeled the back from the decal, I was able to remove the top, leaving only the black vinyl letters on the wall. I ran my finger over each letter to ensure that they were stuck to the wall with no bubbles or wrinkles.

After surveying the new wall decor, I decided I was happy with my choice of location.

The size, color, and font size was perfect!

 Yet another place in my home that makes me smile.

If you are looking for the perfect item to fill a blank spot in your walls, check out what Wisdom on the Wall has to offer. It's great quality. 

Do your walls make you smile? Do you love them plain or "accessorized"? What would your walls say if they could talk?


  1. LOVE this!! Another job nicely done!!! Their work is great... :)

  2. I'm totally going to talk John into letting me purchase one from Joel and Stacie, too! :) Thanks so much for your blog! I thoroughly enjoy it!

  3. I do remember getting that window! Wasn't that the same time we got those lunch trays?