Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Guest Post: Pinning and Printing

Our "Pin"-spiration today comes from my friend Tracy. She and I traveled together on a singing team many years back. We became fast friends due to our love of magazines and similar decorating styles. Her post today is another story of a fellow-pinterest addict accomplishing some of her pinned projects.

 I'm not very crafty at all but pinterest makes me feel like I could be! I have numerous pins but I was frustrated that all I was doing was admiring them and not doing anything with them. Last weekend I decided to start on something quick and easy. There where some cute quotes I really wanted framed. So I printed them out and hunted down some frames I already had around the house.

PROJECT #1: The first one was for the boys and I posted it in their bathroom so they see it everyday before school. The Transformers print was from pinterest. 

Image from here.

Since we have been studying Phillipians at church, the verse was a great daily reminder.

Their best friends (also brothers) are moving far away next month so my oldest has asked that we make them the same print.

PROJECT #2: I had a matted frame for the Exodus 14:14 verse but it didn't fit quite right and cut off some of the decorative borders.

Image from here.

I found some brown wrapping paper (I wrap everything in brown paper and change the bows and ribbons depending on the occasion)

Image from here.
The brown wrapping paper made an excellent faux mat.

My bookshelf is actually a dresser with no drawers. We found it like that and had big dreams of building drawers but we are lazy procrastinating bunch around here so instead we have a nifty bookshelf (it's held blankets before as well).

PROJECT #3: I really wanted this contentment quote for my laundry room but the frame didn't fit quite right.

Image from here.

I may move it later, but for now it's by my nightstand.

It's amazing what a few super easy, super cheap printouts can do for fresh look. And it's uplifting to see quotes in random places.

Now that I have successfully tackled three pins, I feel a little less overwhelmed to try some bigger ones. I'm actually working on a Christmas present as we speak!

Thanks, Tracy for sharing your "Pin-did"s! Have any of you completed anything this week? Email pictures to me! ( I'd love to see your creativity at work!

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  1. Just stumbled across this and am honored to have my sketch in your home!

    Mollie Bess