Thursday, June 23, 2011

Red or Teal?....That is the question

As we plan to move into our new home, I am debating the perfect bright color for the front door...Teal or Red? Cast your vote now. I'm planning on painting our house numbers on the door as well. Here the front of our house currently. The front door will be changed to a solid 6 panel door.

And here are my color inspirations to choose from.

Light Teal , Classic Red, or a Darker Teal/Blue...

What do you think? Cast your vote now...
Window boxes may be in the works as well - Here's some inspiration...

Images from here, here and here.

New picture to help me contemplate...since this house contains the same color siding as our house.
Image found here. (Thanks, Joni)


  1. I vote red! I like the teal but not sure with the siding color.

  2. Teal for sure! But try tons of swatches...I've seen teal gone bad before. ; )

  3. Red is fun and traditional and I think it fits your red shoes from your engagement pictures haha. The teal is different but still warming and looks good! I would probably go with red. Because it matches Christmas decorations. Congrats on a new house!

  4. I vote for a classic red that has a blue base instead of the yellow color base. Your siding seems to have a blue base, and that's what I'm basing my choice on. Also, it will make what goes in your window boxes easir to choose. l.k., it willl look great with Christmas decorations.

  5. I like the dark teal. :)

  6. Ok, you have to post after pictures! And you'll have to post some pictures of the inside of your house. I know it will be adorable!