Monday, October 17, 2016

Decorated Clipboards for the Kickoff Craft

Our kickoff craft for MOPS needed to be something quick, cute, and easy. Some moms may say that they are not crafty. But we encourage them all to try these simply activities - when hands are busy, conversation happens.

These clipboards were less than $1 a piece and the moms could easily use them at each meeting for handouts from speakers. We use these photos on the big screen and keep them scrolling throughout the craft time for easy reference.

We prepped for this craft by cutting the hexagon shapes ahead of time.

Each mom could select 10 different hexagons to decorate their clipboards.

After laying out their pattern, plates of mod podge were available on each table with foam brushes for application. The process was simple.

The glue should be applied in small areas at a time so that it won't dry before you are ready to position all your hexagons.

Even if this clipboard is just used at home for coloring with the kids, we hope that it will remind these moms of the group they are a part of, the bond we have in Christ, and the truths we are learning together.

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