Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Fabric Covered Bible

I was stocking up for the up-coming MOPS year at Hobby Lobby this morning when I spotted the prettiest fabric ever! And so I bought a yard! Those that know me know...I HATE sewing. I love the idea of it. And I come up with millions of projects that I usually have to have my mother-in-love help me execute. I have a machine. I can sew pillows and simple things, but I usually finish the project so angry. I am a bigger fan of hot glue!

I am proud to say that I was able to use that fabric during nap time on the same day that I bought it! Other yards of fabric are still folded neatly in a stack in my craft cabinet.

My parents had given me this New Living Bible with wide margins for my birthday. It has some adorable illustrations for key verses already drawn in. I am loving it! I can write devo notes in the side or even sermon notes. Even though the cover is cute, it just didn't feel like "me."

Following this simple No-Sew Fabric Book Cover Tutorial, I put my hem tape and iron to work!

The Bible slipped into the cover easily -  I love that it's not permanent. So, the next time I walk through Hobby Lobby and spot more fabric that I "just have to have!" I can make another cover!

And there's no zipper or buttons or handles to get in the way during a Sword Drill (anyone remember those?).  I never wanted a Bible cover growing up because it slowed me down. My Sunday School teacher even had these pads that sat on our chairs and would indicate who stood up first. It was a serious thing! 

I might even make my journal and ipad match! One yard of fabric would easily have covered 4 of these sized Bibles. 

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