Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Outer Banks 2016

I'm definitely a beach girl. So, when Jeremiah's family decided to go to the Outer Banks this year for vacation, I was all in!

We had gone to the Outer Banks with his family 8 years ago and I was excited to revisit this quiet beach.

(Look how young and well rested we look way back then!)

The kids loved the adventures of this trip.

They woke up early asking for their swim suit/trunks.

Nora wasn't a fan of the sand. But (thankfully) she would sit in a chair on the beach all day long...as long as we kept her well fed.

So, Jeremiah gave up his chair.

Hudson was super adventurous. Flying kites. Finding seashells. Digging in the sand.

He  loved having Papaw, Grammy and cousins around all day long too!

It  was so fun to revisit some places from out last trip to these islands.

And Nora learned the important lesson that bubbles are not for eating.

As  I've looked back through these pictures, it's made me ready to head back to the beach.

I love the easy days and fun times with family.

For now, I'll have to settle for these pictures and memories.

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