Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Easter Egg Door Hanger

Easter is super early this year. I needed something for my front door that was spring-ish, Eastery, and quick to make. And that's where this idea came from.

I have really enjoyed my large painted Easter egg this year. It was super easy to make. And I have been able to use the egg in my home decor as well as at our last MOPS meeting.

I had originally thought about asking my husband to make me a wooden egg sign, but often when I get an idea in my head, I want to make it right away. He was at work, and so I started searching my house for supplies on hand. I borrowed a white piece of cardboard from my neighbor and cut the egg shape from that. White foam board from the Dollar Store would also work wonderfully.

Using my tracing method, I wrote the words that seem to me on my heart recently. (And it transferred so easily to the cardboard)

I love that the weather has been warmer and that my kids love to go outside. Nora wakes up many mornings asking for her shoes and to go "dice" (which I think is her word for outside).

And Hudson is super curious these days. Asking lots of questions and gathering all the information he can.

Although these days can seem long and daunting, and the questions can seem endless, I am trying to remember that each question is an opportunity to teach these kids about Jesus.

Sure, we hide eggs and eat Easter candy, but I want them to know that Jesus is what Easter is all about. (See my little Easter Story Box idea here).

I pray that Jesus is a very present part of our day.

And I pray that they will someday know Jesus as their Savior. Because, it is all because of Jesus that I can face tomorrow!

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow
Because He lives, every fear is gone
I know He holds my life, my future in His hands

Because He lives

PS. Since the cardboard is super lightweight, I secured this to the door with a couple command strips.

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