Friday, October 23, 2015

Time with Family

I cherish each moment that we are able to spend with our families.

This past weekend, we were able to go home for a quick trip to visit both the Coveys and the Cooks.

On the way to my parent's home, we were able to see my grandparents. I was blessed to grow up surrounded by such godly influences. I am glad that they can get to know my children as well.

I love that Hudson can now understand time (a little bit) and was eagerly anticipating this visit with his grandparents. We  had told him several days before our trip that we were going to Nana and PawPaw's house. All day, each stop that we made, he was sure to let me know that it was not Nana and PawPaw's house yet.

He pretty much lived in this little car for those two days.

We celebrated Nora's birthday with my parents (I'll share more birthday pics later).

And at Hudson's request, we spent lots of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather.

Hudson practiced push-ups, collected acorns and had sword fights with sticks.

Hudson was also super excited to take pictures with PawPaw in their matching glasses.

Minutes after our arrival at the Cook farm, Hudson was off exploring the equipment and following his Papaw.

I was so glad that we were able to attend the annual Cook Cookout - complete with a bonfire and hayride. (See pictures of the Cookout a couple years back here...Hudson was so little and round faced!)

Hudson and Nora got in lots of cousin time.

And we decided that Nora and Madeline could be twins. I think they are second cousins...I get all that confused.

It is such a blessing to have married into such a wonderful family. I love any time that we are able to spend together.

So many memories made. So much fun. Thank you, Lord for time with family. 

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