Thursday, November 5, 2015

Let My Life-Song Sing...

I've thought a lot about Adam today. - I am still thankful for the impact of this young man's life. And as I re-read the words of a letter I wrote ten years ago, I found myself challenged once again to live my life with more urgency.


There are those moments in life that change your perspective on everything.  November 5, 2005 was one of those days.  Philippians says “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.”  Those words are exemplified through the life and testimony of my brother in Christ, Adam Spencer.  I remember getting to know Adam, and his calling me “Dorothy.”  I remember talking in weird voices or discussing the newest guitar chord learned.  I remember hearing the cool dates that Adam took my sister on, and the way that he treated her like a princess.  I remember Adam being the life of the party.  I remember trying to keep him from drinking that caffeinated tea on the mission trip. I remember the times he led us to the feet of Jesus through song.  I remember praying with Adam the night at our youth camp when he gave his life to the Lord.  I remember hearing of the boldness and the heart for God that Adam had.  Although those times are wonderful, his testimony is doing even greater things today.  I see the lives at CHA that are forever changed.  I see the impact his testimony has had around the world.  My friends here at TTU are even sharing his story.  One friend commented, “I’m looking forward to meeting the guy that changed my life.”  And I know that my outlook has changed.  I can honestly say that I am now living in light of eternity.  I never realized the urgency of sharing the gospel or the importance of living my life for the Lord now.  I have been able to share his story in class presentations and times of testimony.  In chapel one day, Dr. Lovett, the president of TTU, told about the dynamic testimony that Adam had.  Many are still being touched by Adam’s story.  If a boy of 18 years could have such an impact after his death, what impact am I having with my life?  Darrell and Cindy, thanks for raising such a godly young man.  Each time I share his story, each time I hear the phrase “Whatever it takes”, each time I remember his laugh I am reminded of God’s greater purpose.  I miss that unique laugh more than anything, but I am amazed at God’s overall plan to use one goofy boy to change my life and the world.  Everyday, when I look at his picture on my desk, I am reminded to “Let my life song sing” as Adam did.  I love you guys and I am praying for you."

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