Friday, October 2, 2015

Kid-Friendly Pumpkins around my House

I love quick decor. I love cheap decor. I love kid friendly decor. My pumpkins around the house are great examples.

At a local produce stand, I picked up a bunch of small pumpkins. The large ones were so pretty and so tempting - but the small ones were cheap. Plus, with little ones, I am limited as to where I can sit these pumpkins without them being eaten or kicked.

This year, I am loving these little pumpkins nestled in with my milk glass collection.

It didn't require "undecorating" a space to make room for fall decor. It's out of the way yet still festive.

I also stacked a couple pumpkins in the living room. Turning the stacked books around let the pumpkin colors stand out.

(Wreath tutorial here. Antler tutorial here.)

When I bought my pumpkins, I also picked up a few stray stems on the ground. The produce stand let me have them for free. When I stacked pumpkins, I also pulled the stems off a few that I had purchased.

I let them dry out for a few days. I picked up a few small plastic pumpkins at the craft store. I love the look of the pumpkins, but the stems are always rather fake looking. Using hot glue, I attached my real stems to the fake pumpkins.

It might be my favorite fall decor this year. I love that it adds a little quirkiness to the plain plastic pumpkin.

(Wreath tutorial here.)

Using a paint pen, I added a few white dots to one of the plastic, re-stemmed pumpkins.

Stripes or other patterns would be adorable as well.

I had picked up some styrofoam pumpkins from the Dollar Tree a few years back (like these). I saw that they are still selling these pumpkins this year.

A steak knife easily removed the stem. I decoupaged wrapping paper and tissue paper on the three pumpkins. There was no way to get all the wrinkles out. So, I decided to embrace the look and not worry about it.

My pile of door knobs in the garage made excellent stems. I didn't glue them in place so that I can use the knobs for other projects.

Paper tags act as leaves, tied on with baker's twine.

Book pages cut into leaf shapes would also work.

And, I still love to pull out my fabric pumpkins.

I made five of these several years ago when Hudson was a baby. They have been wrestled, stacked, slobbered on and thrown. They get used as pillows, towers, seats and balls. And they still look like the day I made them.

You can see the original tutorial here (and see how little Hudson was!). They are super simple to make (and I hate to sew). I used felt for the stems. The real stems would also look cute on these pumpkins. I would just be worried about them stabbing the kids at this point.

Maybe someday I will switch out the felt stems.

For now, I am enjoying my quirky cheap pumpkins sprinkled around my house. And my kids are enjoying them too.

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