Friday, October 9, 2015

A Manly Makeover for a Little Wooden Box

There are certain "everyday things" we celebrate in this house. Sometimes it's a clean plate. Other times it's using the potty. Our son wears glasses and we patch one eye for an hour each day.

We celebrate putting the patch on, taking the patch off, and taking care of our glasses.

This little wooden box got a manly makeover today to help Hudson feel that his "eye supplies" have a special place.

I picked it up last Saturday, not really knowing what I would use it for. It was half price at my thrift store, making it a bargain that I could not pass up.

I think that it used to be some type of jewelry box. I like when I don't know exactly what the item was - it lets me be more creative in re-purposing it. Inside the drawer was a yucky velvety surface.

I simply ripped out the "velvet" insides, intending to decoupage something cute in its place. After I removed the fabric portion, I let the box air out in the garage for a day or two. That process usually removes any musty/old smells.

Wrapping paper that looked like old newspaper was the perfect choice for the inside of the drawer.  A quick wash helped the overall appearance of the box. I love to pick up wooden items from thrift stores or yard sales - they can easily be painted or fixed with glue and nails.

We usually place Hudson's glasses on this shelf each night while he sleeps.

As he is getting older, he is learning to do more and more by himself. And I have found that if something has a proper place, he has a better chance of getting that item where it belongs.

It also has been helpful to let him get the patch and open the wrapper himself before I place it on his eye.

Having a fun little drawer to open seemed to make this dreaded part of the day more fun.

After painting the drawer front white, the piece felt more modern.

I needed a drawer pull and had thought about attaching a cute knob, but I wanted the box to look more manly.  I had a leather strap on hand that had once been part of a luggage tag on an old suitcase.

A thumbtack held the leather onto the drawer front quite securely. A few taps from my hammer finished the job. I love that the thumb tack was long enough to hold the leather into place but not so long that it stuck out the other side of the drawer. It made me start thinking about using old belts for dresser drawer pulls. Super simple.

Hudson loves his little box. As we got ready for bed tonight, he asked if he could open the drawer one more time. I love when he gets excited about little things.

The Lord has been good to us and has made the adjustment fairly easy. I am so glad that I can look back at the Lord's faithfulness when future difficulties arise.

I Samuel 7:12 "Up to this point the Lord has helped us."

And I hope that this little wooden box reminds Hudson that we are proud of how well he does with his glasses.

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