Friday, April 17, 2015

"Happy Easter, Mom"

Reading books, singing songs, Resurrection eggs...We really tried to teach Hudson about the true meaning of Easter this year. Sure, we ate our share of Peeps and chocolate eggs, but I wanted him to really associate this holiday with Jesus.

I love how his little mind absorbs things so quickly. I can tell him the new Bible verse for the month, show him the motions, and get him to repeat after me...and he has it memorized!

This Easter, I had the awesome privilege to lead over 500 preschoolers (ages 2-5) at church in their worship time. One Saturday night service and two Sunday morning services.

At first, I have to admit that I was a little bummed that I would miss all of the Easter services in "big church." I didn't even wear an "Easter dress" because Jeremiah and I were sporting our church t-shirts like the other workers.

But, in the midst of jumping around with over 100 kids, loudly singing "He is Alive!" I realized something. I would have never celebrated Christ's resurrection in the main adult service with the same enthusiasm as we did in that preschool chapel. And I got to do it three times! It was so fun to share the real meaning of Easter with those kids and watch them get excited about celebrating in song. We even did a cheer with pom-poms!

Jesus understood it and tried to tell His disciples about it in Matthew 18:3 when He said, "Unless you turn from your sins, and become like children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven." Kids get it...they believe! Their faith is amazing. We adults make it too complicated.

Part of that scares me, that Hudson can be so trusting. But another part of it challenges me to have a faith like his. It also challenges me to keep pouring the truths of God's Word into his little mind, whether it's through songs, books or memory verses.

My dad has always said that children's ministry is one of the most important areas for a church to focus on. George Barna says that nine out of ten Christians come to know Christ as their Savior before the age of 18 . That should pump up any children's ministry worker to know that their service is directly impacting the Kingdom of God.

As a child, I remember hearing the gospel presented at church. I knew I had sinned and that because of that sin I would never be good enough to get into Heaven on my own. I was excited to learn that Jesus had taken the punishment for my sins on the cross and came back to life. Because I believed all of this, I can spend eternity with Him in Heaven.  My parents taught me these truths, but I also learned them at church.

Hudson loves church. Several mornings a week, he will ask if we are going to church and if he can put a sticker on his back. (That's where our church places their name tags) But he also keeps looking at me randomly throughout the day saying, "Happy Easter, Mom." In fact, those words came right after his wishing me a happy birthday yesterday.

At first, it made me chuckle. "No, buddy, it's not Easter anymore." But then Jeremiah said, "He's got it right...we should be celebrating Easter more than just once a year!" After all, Easter celebrates the most important part of our Christian faith.

Hudson may not understand everything about this holiday where we remember Christ's death and resurrection, but I do think He understands that it is about Jesus. And he knows there is something to celebrate! I am so thankful that his continuous celebration and those kid's enthusiasm at church made me rejoice about the resurrection a little differently this year.

Kids get it...they believe...and I want to have faith like them!

So, Happy Easter! 

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