Monday, March 30, 2015

Our own little Home Church

Yesterday was one of those Sundays. Thanks to a couple head colds, we were not able to take the kids to their classes at church. But whenever I am not at church on a Sunday morning, I get a weird empty feeling. No, it's not guilt or feeling like I am doing something wrong. I think I just miss the Christian fellowship and the emphasis on our Lord.

So, yesterday morning, I decided that Hudson and I would have our own little Sunday School at home. As he ate his oatmeal, we watched the Easter Story via the Right Now Media App (thanks to our church). I remember watching these animated Bible stories as a kid. They are still great teaching tools today. You can buy the Easter DVD here.

We then talked through our Resurrection Eggs. You can buy a version of the eggs, or you can make your own, like we did. Hudson is a little young to grasp every aspect of the story. But I talked through all the items and their place in the Easter story. He loved looking for the next numbered egg and anticipating what would be inside.

Since it was Palm Sunday, we even waved a big leaf around saying "Hosanna, Hosanna!" Except Hudson kept saying "Go, Nana." (You can find thousands of free coloring pages to print with a simple google search).

Thanks to YouTube, we sang a few songs that are often used in his class.
I'm Gonna Sing, Sing, Sing (Video Here)
Roll that Stone Away (Video Here)
God is so Good (Video Here)
When Jeremiah came home from church, Hudson was excited to sing these songs for him. And he has requested "Sing, Sing, Sing" close to 50 times today. So, we just keep singing it.

We practiced our March Bible Verse.   John 13:34 "Love One Another"

And we watched a few Ollie Bible Stories, thanks to the Parent Cue App. It mirrors what the kids at our church are taught each week. We use this app on a weekly basis to reinforce the lesson. Even if your church doesn't use the "First Look" curriculum, its a great parent app. It has a video Bible story each week and little activities to go along with it. It's where we get Hudson's monthly memory verse too.

We dug through our book tub, pulling out our Easter books. Here are some of our favorites.

What is Easter? (buy here)

My Easter Basket (buy here)

The Tale of Three Trees (buy here) - There's a cute video of this story here.

And then we waited on Daddy to bring us lunch by hiding and finding Easter Eggs.

Hudson loves going to church. In fact, he was so confused why he wasn't getting to go yesterday. He kept saying, "Maybe church tomorrow?"

But I think that he had a good time with our Easter activities at home. This was the first time I've tried to have "Sunday School" at home, but it won't be the last time. By the end of our activities, I was encouraged, feeling like I had still spent the morning focusing on Jesus. Hudson had fun and also learned a few things too. He has asked all day to sing our songs again.

I've been sick all week too, and it would have been a lot easier to just let him watch cartoons all morning or play by himself. But with a little effort, we both started preparing for Easter. And that's exactly what this momma's heart needed.

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  1. Not cool that you all are sick. What a good mom you are though!