Saturday, March 14, 2015

DIY Resurrection Eggs

I am always looking for activities for Hudson that will reinforce Biblical truths. The older he gets, the more I am able to incorporate into our day. With Easter approaching, I knew that I wanted to try to use the Resurrection Eggs. You can purchase a set, but I decided that I could probably make my own with items around the house.

I purchased plastic Easter eggs from the dollar store. They came in a pack of 18. I saved an empty egg carton to hold the eggs. Back in late elementary school, I learned the power of fingernail polish remover. I remember having the cutest white shoes to wear with my Easter dress. But the first day I wore them, I got black scuff marks up the side. My mom showed me how to remove those scuff marks with fingernail polish remover. Since then, whenever I am hoping to remove some painted or stamped on image, I try this miraculous stinky liquid first.

For the egg carton, I simply rubbed a cotton ball that had a little polish remover on it over the ink. And, I am happy to report that it pretty much removed all of the stamped images on my egg carton.

I selected twelve colored eggs and started gathering my items. I will be using the printable version of the resurrection eggs found here.

I numbered each egg with a regular black permanent marker.

Here are the items I found around the house.

1.  Palm Branch (leaf) – Jesus was celebrated when he entered the city.
2.  Bread (Gold Fish) – Symbolizes the Last Supper. We might even drink a little grape juice when we talk about this egg.
3.  Silver Coins (3 dimes = 30 cents) – Judas took a bribe to betray Jesus.
4.  Purple Cloth & Thorns (leftover cloth and thorns from the yard) – Jesus was mocked by the soldiers.
5.  Whip (some string) – Symbolizes the beating that Jesus endured.
6.  Cross (pieces of a Popsicle stick glued together) – Jesus carried his cross.
7.  Nails – (3) Shows the pain Jesus went through as he was nailed to his cross.
8.  Sign (I wrote “King of the Jews” on a small wooden tag, but you could use paper)  - The sign that was nailed above Jesus saying he was the King of Jews.
9.  Spear and Sponge (piece of a Popsicle stick with some electrical tape and a cut-off corner of a dish sponge) – Signifies the proof of Jesus’ death and his last moments.
10.  Spices (cinnamon and cloves) – Jewish people were traditionally buried with spices.
11.  Rock – Symbolizes the stone that was moved from Jesus’ tomb.
12.  Nothing – Shows the empty tomb.  Jesus has risen.
I am so excited to begin this tradition with my kids. In future years, I might even let them help me gather items to fill our eggs.

I made a little sleeve for our egg carton from wrapping paper and I plan to tuck the printed descriptions inside this sleeve.

PS. Whenever I see an empty Easter egg, I am always brought back to this touching story about a little boy with an empty Easter egg.

What activities do you use to help prepare your family's hearts for Easter?

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