Monday, November 24, 2014

Free Roadside Berries Make Me Smile

I'm a simple girl to please. Even though my love language is gifts, I don't have to be given extravagant, expensive items to feel loved (although, I won't turn those gifts down!).

Today, I felt loved when my husband and son brought me an armload of bittersweet.

The roads near my house are filled with wooded areas. And beautiful bittersweet berries fill the trees. I've been spotting these pretty orangey-red berries for the last few weeks. We'll be driving along and I will point and shout out, "BITTERSWEET!"  The vines are usually hanging from the trees. Now that the leaves are gone, you can easily spot it.

I even saw some along our backyard fence the other day. My boys went on a walk today and came back with this awesome bunch of the bittersweet.

I love the colors, the way it easily twists around my pumpkins, and the fact that it is FREE! The little yellow parts will eventually fall off, but the branches make great decor throughout the winter.

Hudson proudly handed me this little branch - and so I kept it, squashed berry and all.

Take a look at the trees around your might be surprised by bittersweet in your own backyard!

I am loving it on my makes all those sticky smudges seem less obvious. haha! #momlife

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