Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Making Each Moment Matter

It's hard to believe that we've already had Nora with us for over a month.

She is such an easy baby and sleeping so well. For the first week that we had her home, I'd dress her cute before she drifted off for her afternoon nap. While she slept so soundly, I could easily snap several photos. 

We could just stare at her all day long. 

And when you are with the baby constantly, it is hard to see if they are actually growing. At her one month check up, she weighed 9 pounds, 14 ounces and had grown an inch. I love seeing each ounce gained! (I think if you have a preemie- like Hudson, you appreciate those weight gains even more.)

This morning as I packed up many outfits that she has already outgrown, I couldn't help but be a little sad. 

They grow so quickly. 

One look at Hudson reminds me that they are only little for a few short years. That kid is constantly putting on his shoes and asking to "Go!"

At a Bible study yesterday, I was reminded to find the significance in the everyday things.

 It seems that my life revolves around watching the clock right now. When did she last eat? How long did she eat for? How long has she been asleep for? Time is ticking away. I am so thankful for pictures that capture my little ones as time passes. 

I am trying to keep my camera handy - always ready to capture a moment. 

Because sometimes, even brushing your teeth can be memorable. We had some family visiting this past weekend - Hudson wanted to copy everything those girls did.

As I watch Nora focus on objects more and try to raise that little head, I am reminded that each day matters. She's learning life lessons now that will help form her into the woman that she will become. I love that I get to watch her develop and grow. I want to make each moment matter. 

I taught Hudson a new song this morning - At first, I just started singing it because I was tired of hearing Mickey's "Hot Dog...Hot Diggity Dog" song over and over. Hudson picked up the words and motions immediately. I got a little teary (it doesn't take much these days) as I watched him smile sweetly as we sang the song. (from this CD) I could even hear him singing the words as he drifted off for his nap.

Little me. Little Me. Jesus Loves little me. 
My hands, my feet, my smile so sweet. 
Jesus loves little me. 

As I focus on being intentional with my children, I saw that even a little song can help him remember that Jesus Loves him.  Simple words. Simple motions. But what an impact that truth can have.

As I look at these pictures again. I want to not focus on how quickly the time is passing. Instead, I want to remain challenged to make each moment matter! 

P.S. Thanks to my friend at HooNew for finding the fun vintage baby scale for me! 


  1. Cute song! And a good reminder that God loves little you as well! What a great impact you are making on both Hudson and Nora's lives!

    1. You can pretty much hear the whole tune of the song on amazon link I provided...check the mp3 list of the album.