Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baby Number Two is a...

Since he is the big brother, Hudson decided that he wanted in on the gender reveal.

Hudson is already taking his roll of big brother very seriously. 

He's even walking a little taller. 

We are so excited about all the fun times that are to come!

If you'd like to check out Hudson's video when we revealed our first baby was a boy, you can see that here

And I must give credit to my bro-in-law for the snazzy slogan about "Cooks in the kitchen and a bun in the oven." My mom came up with the sweet roll reference. While pregnant, I feel like all my creativity goes into growing this baby...projects and crafts and redecorating will return after the baby is born! And after I catch up on sleep... (guess that means it might be a while!)

Children are a gift from the Lord,
they are a reward from Him.
Psalm 127:3


  1. Yay! So exciting that you are going to be having a girl. I was just thinking last night, I want our kids to meet. Too bad they can't be little play buddies. Maybe one of these days!

  2. The pics of him in the chef hat causes me to hear the Swedish Chef from the Muppets in my head .