Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Boy and his books

Hudson is so into books right now.

And that makes this reading mom really happy.

His favorite selections include "Mr. Brown and Moo," "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."

I read to him a lot. And it is so fun to see him now looking at books all on his own. We even catch him mumbling little "words" and "phrases" as he turns the page.

He also loves his little green chair. Just this past week, he discovered that it makes him feel like a big boy when he can sit in his own little chair.

We've certainly gotten our money's worth out of that fifty cent chair/stool. (Read about that here.)

And for those who have asked, Hudson doesn't even bother the Christmas trees. Every once in a while, I see him looking at it, but for the most part, he ignores it.

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