Friday, December 6, 2013

A Simple Christmas Countdown

In order to keep my focus Christ-centered this December, I decided to make a little advent calendar. Advent simply means anticipating the arrival of a notable person, thing or event. In the hustle and bustle of the season, I need a daily reminder that JESUS is the reason we celebrate.

At the beginning, I thought I would make something super creative and super involved. However, in the end, I made a simple project with envelopes and paper. All I need is a gentle reminder to get in the Word each day. 

There are a number of advent reading lists out there. I combined a few - here is what I am using. 

Even if you are simply reading a verse or two of the Christmas story in Luke 2, I challenge you to find a way to Count Down to Christmas. 

Using plain white envelopes and some colorful tape, I simply wrote the date out 25 times. 

I then wrote the reference on a plain paper tag tied with baker's twine to put in each envelope. I left myself lots of room, because I want to journal a thought or even just a sentence as I complete each reading. 

Using a random slotted wooden box that I had on hand, I arranged the envelopes in a Christmas tree formation. 

To even up the lines, I actually had to put 26 envelopes into the slots. Maybe I can put my overall thoughts on the project in that envelope. 

I thought it would also be easy to add each journaled tag to a Christmas tree, as well. 

I am so excited each day to read the assigned passage. And since the passages are short, I am able to really focus on one important aspect pertaining to the coming of Christ. 

I pray that you will too find a way to focus on Jesus this season. A few of my blogging friends have joined me in this challenge. 

More projects should be coming soon!
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I'd love to see your projects and ideas, as well! Comment with links or email me pictures! 

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