Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Countdown to Christmas: Reflections Day 1-3

I've challenged myself to really focus on the true meaning of Christmas this December. Even as I walked around the mall last night, it seemed so easy to focus on the gifts, the hustle and bustle, the decorations...but I want to make sure that my focus is JESUS. There are so many wonderful things to enjoy during this month of December. As we watched one of my favorite Christmas movies last night (White Christmas), I thought, "It is so easy to get caught up in the other "good" things about this time of year." And I don't think the movies, the treats and the lights need to be avoided - but I just need something to draw me back to the correct focus. And I need that daily.

So, (as I mentioned here), I've set up a few times each day to help get my mind in the right place.

As I feed Hudson his breakfast, we are listening to the stories from the Jesus Storybook Bible. We have the actual book, but for this purpose, I love the iBooks version that offers the read along function. Since there are 24 stories leading up to the visit from the Wise men, it is the perfect way to get little minds excited about the coming of Jesus (and Mommy can benefit from it too!). Even this morning, as we read about the first sin in the Garden of Eden, I was reminded that the story doesn't end with their being banished from the Garden - instead, it reinforces our need for JESUS, a Savior. I am thankful for a children's book that easily shows the need for Jesus, even in the Old Testament stories.

I have also been reading John Piper's Advent Book - if you hven't already, you can still get a free download of the book here.

And, my mom passed out a little reading list of Scriptures to her Sunday School class on Sunday. The passages are just 3-5 verses each day. I combined her list with some I had seen online. Since I haven't read all the passages yet for this year, I may change up the references used for future Decembers. But for now, here's what I'm reading. 

Dec. 1 - John 1:1-5
As verse 5 talks about Jesus being the light that shines in the darkness, I looked at all the Christmas lights differently. Even my beloved twinkle lights can remind me of the purpose of Jesus coming to earth. 

Dec. 2 - Isaiah 9:2-7
Oh, how precious are the names of Jesus - "Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." I love that there is a specific name of God for whatever I am going through. Sometimes, I need that Mighty God to show up. Other times, I am so glad that He is always my Father. Jesus came for us! 

Dec. 3 - Isaiah 11:1-10
Salvation came through David's family. I love the description of Christ's character in verses 2-5. I want to be a reflection of my Jesus. 

These little readings would take you less that 5 minutes each day. I hope to write a little reflection of each passage - something to focus on for that whole day.

These daily passages would be great to add to your advent calendar. Check back this weekend - I will be sharing my little DIY project along with a few easy ideas from some blogger friends of mine.

How are you counting down to Christmas? I'd love to know! Either leave a comment here, or come back this weekend to link up your Advent Calendar creation.

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  1. These verses weren't fun like this when I printed them! I do like what you did to them. Thanks for sharing them, I will be using them. I did a mini post about advent, although nothing "fun".