Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A place for everything...

Sometimes when I purchase something at a thrift store or a yard sale, I immediately find a use for it in our home. Other times, it hangs out in the basement or in a closet until I either get around to painting it or come up with the perfect place for it. 

Such was the case with green metal magazine rack. From the beginning, I have loved the geometric design and the spiral handle. 

I have been feeling a little like an old lady lately because I now have a favorite chair. I find myself sitting in it while watching TV, holding Hudson, feeding Hudson, cutting coupons or doing my devotions. The poor ottoman in front of this chair gets piled high with my "supplies."

It's turned into more of a bookshelf rather than a footrest. 

I love having my books and such close at hand. I never know when I may find myself with a sleeping Hudson in my arms. With these items close by, I can simply grab what I need while holding him. But with my pile of necessities, the living room never seems "picked up."

I decided that the unused, $3 magazine rack would solve my problem.  The green just didn't match the living room - and it was looking a little chipped and rusted.

During Hudson's morning nap, I grabbed the green rack, a couple cans of half-used black spray paint and a pizza box. After a little spray paint, the green was gone. I was left with a wrought iron looking piece. 

After I was sure that the paint had dried, I moved my essentials to their new home. 

My Bible, devotionals, prayer journal, and reading plan are still within arm's reach. 

And now that my books have a new place to call home, my ottoman can go back to being a proper footrest. 

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