Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Finds Under Five: Curstomizable Printable

My FFU$5 aren't always going to be thrifted items. And this find is a perfect example. For today's cheap-o item, I thought I would share this fabulous printable that is customizable. You pick the pick the type the word/name.

It will print beautifully as an 8 x 10.

However, wouldn't it be adorable to make your own set of alphabet flashcards in a 4 x 6 size?

I can just imagine the most adorable photo album - one side of the page showing a custom printable and the opposite side of the page showing a picture of the individual/object. (And yes, I realize I probably should have switched the N and the M so that they were in alphabetical order...oh well).

This is originally intended for nursery decor. But I can easily see it framed in the entry of a home with the family's last name too.

They would be adorable in a classroom as well.

This blog also offers another style for the custom printable that is equally creative. This one will probably find its way into my nursery decorations. It's just the right style.

You could easily print this yourself on your personal printer. Or take it to an office supply store to have it printed inexpensively on cardstock. Or use up some of your free photo prints.

It's easy to even try out a few colors or ideas. You can find this online printable from On to Baby here and here. This site has many other free printables that are cute - check those out here.

However you choose to use this FFU$5, it's adorable. I love that you can easily make this into whatever you need it to be.

Thanks, On to Baby for sharing your creativeness with us!

How would use use this printable? Have you found any great finds lately?

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