Monday, October 1, 2012

Let's go on a cruise!

Last week, my husband took me on a fun little getaway. We cruised down to the Bahamas for a few days, enjoying sunshine and being pampered. Some would call it a "Babymoon" while others would say it was our one last getaway before our lives change forever. I must say, it was a fun little break from everyday life.

My husband and I love to travel. And a cruise is a perfect way to enjoy some great food and accommodations while in route to your destinations. 

We also love our time in the sunshine. When we found a great deal online a few months back, we were eager to see if my doctor would approve this trip. The cruise line will allow you to travel while pregnant as long as you are less than 25 weeks along. And, by the time we left the boat, I was about to enter my 24 week. My doctor gave us the go-ahead...and we went. 

And since I'm not looking overly pregnant, I'm sure most of the other passengers just thought I'd been enjoying the buffet line. (Side note: it was fabulous that I could find something yummy to eat at ANY time! I miss that pineapple!)

The Fascination carried us to a few stops in the Bahamas. I love the sunshine - Jeremiah loves checking out all the mechanics of the boat. Docking at a port is a win-win! 

At our first stop, we hit the beach! Sitting in two lounge chairs staring at the blue blue ocean is my idea of a great day!

We napped. We talked. We told the lady repeatedly that I didn't want a necklace or my hair braided. It was a good day! 

I also love the chance to dine in a fancy place each evening for supper. You can order whatever you want - it's all included. From steak to lobster, we ate our fill. And most nights, I finished off my dinner with a chocolate melting cake. 

Our last day at sea was a little cloudy. But we enjoyed looking into the blue blue ocean while playing several rounds of putt-putt. 

It was a fabulous week to get away from everyday life. My husband is so great to think up these adventures! I promise...I'll get back to my regular blogging soon. It's just so hard to get out of the cruising mindset.  It's hard not to get used to someone else making my bed, cooking my food, making towel animals and leaving me chocolates on my pillow...


  1. The swimsuit is cute! A little envious :)

    1. I love the coverup I borrowed from Ash...