Thursday, October 18, 2012

Coaster Remake

On Monday night, I started a Bible Study with some great ladies. We are going to study and discuss the book "Becoming a Woman of Influence" by Carol Kent. It focuses on intentionally influencing others by mimicking the characteristics of Christ.

We meet in the dorm lobby - since it's not the prettiest environment, I decided to bring some decor of my own. Everyone deserves to be surrounded by fun things. I thought it might make the girls feel special as well. It also seemed to be a bit of an advertisement for our study. Several girls saw the tall branches (find the tutorial here) and asked "What's going on here?" We may have a few additional people join us next week. You never know what a little decoration can do!

I  brought mason jars for us to sip our sweet tea from. I think mason jars are so fun to drink from. But - since glass sweats, I knew I needed some type of coaster.

We also snacked on Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins (see my recipe here) and wasabi peas (pregnancy craving...ha).

I have an idea for some permanent coasters, but needed something to use immediately on Monday. Knowing I wanted to use supplies I had on hand, I dug through my hutch drawers to see what was available.  I had quite a number of coasters left over from our wedding. They were simply cardboard squares - but the printed message didn't seem Bible-Study-appropriate.

Taking some wrapping paper and old book pages, I simply decoupaged some different patterns  onto the existing coasters.

Just as I assumed, the paper got soggy and water-marked as they were used. However, it provided a free coaster for our study Monday evening.

Have you make any quick crafts lately - using items you already had on hand?

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