Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Quick Clean out and a Little Planning

Since I am 18 weeks pregnant, I am thrilled to be past the nauseating stage of the first trimester.  During those yucky weeks, I didn't feel like cooking at all. Just the thought of food overwhelmed me (and usually I LOVE to cook!). I am normally super organized with my grocery shopping, knowing exactly what I have on hand in my pantry and freezer.  My pantry stayed looking pretty much the same. However, the freezer in the garage was another story. Now that I am ready to begin my adventurous cooking again, I needed to figure out what I had to work with.

Other than knowing what I had just purchased on a recent UGO trip (read about that here) and an assortment of ice pops, I really could not recall what filled our chest freezer. 

Grabbing a pen and piece of paper I began to write down the items in the freezer, noting the quantity. 

After only 10 minutes, I knew exactly what I had to work with. I was able to reload the freezer in a way that I could easily grab the ingredients I needed. It seems that what's on the bottom of the freezer gets forgotten. Now, with my list, I can remember what may be hidden below. 

I left my popcorn shrimp on top, planning some Po' Boys for supper this evening! And now I know exactly how many pounds of ground deer meat I have left, as well. 

While I was in the organizing mood and since my chest freezer took no time at all, I decided to take a look at my kitchen freezer as well. 

Despite the fact that I see the contents of this freezer daily, I still wanted to restock the items and list what we had. And now I'm not risking an avalanche each time I get a sherbet craving. 

I took my list of items and then, in just a few minutes I had compiled a list of 16 meals that I could make with the ingredients on hand. I couldn't believe the possibilities that I didn't even know I had. 

The entire project only took me thirty minutes, and now I am more prepared than ever for the next few week's dinners. 

Do you ever lose site of what's in your freezer? How do you plan your meals with the ingredients you have on hand? Take a few minutes and reorganize your freezer...I am now convinced it is a time-save, in the long run. 

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  1. Do you want to come and do this at my house?!!!