Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Watching my onions grow...

I know that I mentioned the idea of re-growing your green onions in this post, but I wanted to report back after I had tried it myself.

I love to cook with fresh ingredients - I just hate that it seems they don't last very long. After using the green portion of my green onions last week, I simply put the white stems into a little mason jar of water and set it on my kitchen windowsill.  I forgot to take a picture the first day, but I did capture the second or third day. I was amazed at how quickly the green onions began to grow. The green portion is new growth.

And now, less than one week later, I have an entire bunch of green onions!

I hate how many bunches of those little white portions that I've thrown away! All along I could have been getting 3 or 4 times my money's worth from one little bunch of green onions. All that was required was a little water/sunshine and a few days of patience.

I also love plants, but have a hard time keeping them living. This little project made me feel I had more of a green thumb. Easy plants are my favorite.

P.S. From my research, I have learned that this bunch should be able to be used 4 or 5 more times. Has anyone else tried this? How much did yours grow? 

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  1. I have done this too! It's amazing how long it lasts. I don't remember how many time I used the green onions from the same plant...but it's a good thing, right? Enjoy your easy green thumb girl!