Friday, June 8, 2012

That's Where We've Been

While picking up the basement this morning, I realized that I hadn't shared the finished product of my Wallpaper Challenge Project.  Jeremiah and I love to travel. And we wanted a special way to remember all the places that we visited together. For now, I have documented our State-side travels. I have a idea for our international journeys, but it's still just in the works. 

After completing my project here with the striped wall-paper, it was time to pinpoint all our destinations. 

I purchased some yellow quilting pins to mark the spots on our map. They were longer than the regular straight pins, and I wanted all the pins to be the same color. 

Since the map was glued to a canvas, the pins stuck nicely in the exact places we wanted to mark. 

Needing a creative place to keep our pins to mark future travels, I placed them in an old glass ink well that I had. 

Even though Jeremiah and I have done probably more traveling a part from each other, we decided that the pins should only mark the locations we had visited together. 

We also decided to only mark places we had done something significant in (For example: a wedding, eaten a meal, spent the night, did something touristy, visited friends/family, etc.) Otherwise, there would be trails of pins all over the map. 

As we placed our pins, it was so fun to remember visiting Key West and Miami on our cruise. 

And we'll never forget the sites we saw out west when we visited the Grand Canyon. 

We look forward to placing pins all over this canvas, documenting our memories and experiences as we travel. Even though our pins are clustered for now, we are excited about where we may find ourselves visiting in the future. 

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