Monday, March 12, 2012

Guest Post:Simple and Lovely Diaper Cake

Recently, someone asked if I could tell them how to make a diaper cake. They are a popular baby shower item these days, and a creative way to give the mom some basic baby items.  Since I've never attempted a diaper cake, I enlisted the help of my cousin's wife, Carrie. She graciously sent some pictures and instructions my way! I love how simple her directions are.

  • 50 disposable diapers (You can use cloth diapers if you wish. I usually purchase disposable diapers, size for babies 8-14lbs.)
  • One 22 oz. bottle of baby powder or two baby bottles (The baby powder helps to secure the first two tiers in place.)
  • 50+ rubber bands (multiple sizes)
  • 3-4 yards of 1.5 inch ribbon of your choice
  • glue gun
  • cake base (This can be a cardboard base with wrapping paper on it or a cardboard cake base from Michael’s.)
  • decorations of your choice (pacifiers, stuffed animals, etc.)

·   Directions:
  1. Start with rolling the diapers tightly from the top of the diaper down (like a burrito) and then add a rubber band to hold each diaper in place.
  2.  Make the base tier of the cake. Place rolled diapers around baby powder (you can substitute two baby bottles if you prefer).  Keep adding diapers to the base tier of cake to reach the desired size. (Hint: It’s a good idea to use at least two diaper layers to form the base tier of the cake.) Secure this layer with a larger rubber band and 3” ribbon. Use a glue gun to secure the ribbon in place and to hide the rubber bands.
  3.  Make the second tier of the diaper cake. The second tier of the cake should be about two thirds smaller than the first layer. Use diapers to make a circle on top of your base tier around the baby powder.  Continue to fill in diapers until you reach the desired size of tier 2. Secure the second tier with a rubber band and ribbon.  Use a glue gun to secure the ribbon in place and to hide the rubber bands. (If using baby bottles for the center, add one more bottle on top of the first one. Then the third layer will circle around the second baby bottle. If you want to add flowers to the top of the diaper cake, take the lid off the second bottle and use it for a vase.)
  4.  Make your third tier of the diaper cake, following the same instructions with the base tier and second tier.
  5.  Decorate the three tiers. I usually use ribbon and make a bow or buy a stuffed animal for the cake topper in order to keep it simple. However, some cakes hide the diapers with receiving blankets, baby towels, clothes or something similar, but in most cakes the diapers are exposed and just wrapped with rubber bands and ribbon. If you are using blankets to cover up diapers, use safety pins to hold everything in place. Pacifiers and stuffed animals also make great decorations for diaper cakes.

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  1. I love your diaper cake! I find it harder to roll the diapers but it does look nicer.

  2. You can further decorate your cake by putting more baby items on it.