Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sunday Nights are my Favorites

Most families would say that Friday or Saturday nights are their down time. Most families might order a pizza, watch a movie and relax to celebrate the end of their week.

But not the Covey family. Because my dad is a pastor, Sunday evenings signify the "end of the work week." Sunday nights after church are my favorite times when I am at home.

I didn't realize this until I moved out on my own. For most people, Sunday night is the time to start getting ready for work the next morning. It's a time to make sure work clothes are ready and lunches are packed. It can be a bit chaotic. I couldn't figure out why I was always feeling so rushed on Sunday nights until I started to think about what "Sunday Night" was for the Covey household.

This weekend, since we were visiting family, I got to spend Sunday Night with my parents. Dinner on those evenings are nothing special. It usually consists of a conglomeration of left-overs. Once when I was little, someone asked what I ate for dinner on Sunday nights and I replied, "We don't have dinner on Sunday nights." My mother, embarrassed because it looked like they made us starve on Sunday quickly told the individual that we ate leftovers in front of a movie usually. In my mind, because we didn't all sit at the table, it was not "dinner."  It was more special than that.

So this weekend, I came home from Sunday night church pretty excited. My leftover hamburger, chips and dip, and rice krispie treats never tasted so good.

After changing into some comfortable clothes, I joined my mother on the couch. I ate my "dinner" with a smile on my face as we watched an episode of "Little House on the Prairie."

I love family traditions. I love the moments that make you giddy. I think I grew up with the best family ever. I have a tremendous amount of Covey Pride. And Sunday Nights at home are my favorite.