Saturday, February 11, 2012

University Detox

My life has completely changed in the last 6-8 months. Before we moved into our new home, I was one of the Resident Director's for the girl's dorm. We lived in an adorable little apartment on the first floor of the dorm.

After moving into our current home, I continued to work in the Financial Aid Office at the University. This helped me to ween myself off "campus life." I still had student interaction. It felt like a gradual step-down process.

It's a little bit of an adjustment. Don't get me wrong - I love our home and I love focusing on our marriage/home as my full time job. But there have been some things to get used to. Being an RD is not just a job - it is a ministry and it becomes your life. You have leftovers and you think, which girl in the dorm would want these. You watch a movie and think, "Is there a girl that needs to escape dorm life and watch this with me?"

Before Jeremiah and I were married, he was the RD for the guy's dorm. After thinking over a list of some of our closest friends, I realized that most of them also held some sort of student leadership role on campus at some time. Whether it was RA or RD, we've got that bond.

My partner in crime/co-RD, Stacie sent me a link to a "Student Affairs Detox."  I had been compiling a list of "You know you were an RD if...." list. Stacie's link provided the icing on the cake.

List from here.

Here's my list of reasons that you know you've been an RD if...
  1. You find yourself looking for quarter slots on your washer and dryer.
  2. OR you feel the urge to pull your clothes out of the dryer as soon as they are finished - just so no one else swipes them
  3. You think about the possibilities of placing a card reader on your front door.
  4. You find yourself typing for every email address - even your gmail account.
  5. Your household has semesterly fire drills. One announced. One unannounced.
  6. You feel the need to schedule weekly activities - game nights, movie nights, skating parties, etc.
  7. You will not allow double stick tape in your house - it destroys the paint on the walls!
  8. You feel the need to have your overnight guests get "Guest Perm" and make them post it on their doors.
  9. You make sure your bed is made and your trash is emptied every Tuesday and Thursday.
  10. You get a strange craving for chicken fingers and french fries each Sunday evening around dinner time.
  11. When you get a craving for chocolate or a Cherry Coke, you wish there was still a pair of vending machines at your front door.
  12. You miss that endless supply of hot water.
  13. Pin found here.
  14. You still stock your cupboards with lots of snack foods (popcorn, cookies, brownies, etc.) in case the girls come over to hang out.
  15. Your phone rings in the middle of the night and before you say hello you've already located your shoes and keys.
  16. When you need a blue scarf for an outfit, you contemplate asking your neighbors if they have one you can borrow.
  17. You wonder if your neighbors will join you in a Christmas decorating party.
  18. Once a month you walk through your house, pointing to rugs and catty-corner furniture and say "Fire Hazard."
  19. You find it normal to shower with flip-flops on (Although, I didn't have to do this in our apartment).
  20. You lock your bedroom door each time you exit.
  21. Your house participates in hall meetings each Monday night.
  22. When you go to Walmart, you feel guilty for not having 3 or 4 girls hitching a ride.
  23. You still want to show your school ID for discounts at the movie theater and free drinks at restaurants.
  24. You fill out a Leave of Absence Form each time you travel.
  25. "Tornado Warning" has a whole different level of dred for you.
  26. You catch yourself wanting to tell someone at the mall that they are not really in dress code.  
  27. You feel the need to place a dry erase board on your front door.
These are just a few of the indicators that you may have been an RD at some time in your life...

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  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!! Oh my word it's so true!!! Jack Davis is really resistant to room checks. He just refuses to be where he is suppose to at curfew. I love it. Next time I visit I'll get Bridge to sign my over night perm. And I'm always up for a fire drill. You know how i love to pull the lever.