Friday, February 10, 2012

A little help folding the laundry

Now that I am a stay-at-homer, I am getting my housework accomplished much more efficiently. But today, as I wrestled to neatly fold a fitted sheet, I thought to myself, "I know there is a better way." Growing up, mom's sheets always looked amazing. From a distance, you couldn't tell if the folded sheet was a fitted or a top sheet. With my sheets, it was pretty obvious that the big fluffy wad was the fitted one. While I was working, I didn't really have time to get it folded neatly. I would get the fitted sheet in a semi-folded form, enough to lay decently on the shelf. But now, I actually have time to learn how to do it correctly.

I had seen this idea sometime back on Pinterest. Store your sheets inside the pillowcases.

Pin found here.
 But before I can store my bedsheets like the Pin, I've got to figure out how to fold them neatly. The top sheet always looks so nice...but the fitted one is always struggling a bit.

Many years back, my friend Martha taught me how to fold a T-shirt. Check out her instructions here...there's a video. Prepare to be amazed. Or, check out these illustrated instructions.

I figured she may have some solution for fitted sheets as well. And she did.

I will be practicing. If I could master the 2 second t-shirt fold, I can also master this.

Have you found any folding tricks lately? Were you able to fold your t-shirt the magical way?


  1. Excellent! I have folded my sheets this way for a long time. I can't remember where I learned it. When I use to clean houses, one of the ladies asked me to show them how to fold the sheets like this so they could do the same. One more trick I use, I place the top sheet on the table or bed while folding first. Fold this sheet almost all the way, leaving a long narrow piece in place. Next, I place the folded fitted sheet, followed by the matching pillowcases. This way when you choose a set of sheets, you have the entire set with one bundle :)

  2. I want to fold my shirts like that!!

    1. It's how I used to fold the shirts in the bookstore at Mt. Lou San - It's perfect when you are folding a mountain of the same shirt, because you can ensure that the fold like is at the exact same place on the decal.

  3. My mother tried to teach me how to fold a fitted sheet when I was younger. I couldnt get it. It looks like I tried to fold with a big ball in it. haha!