Monday, December 12, 2011

Easy Christmas Gift Tags

Last year, I had just received my Cricut as a wonderful present from my wonderful husband. I took the time to make these elaborate gift tags and tied them to the presents will the prettiest fluffy white bows. Then, I remembered that we had to travel with most of our presents. :(

Growing up, Christmas was spent in the location that held the most family members. Jeremiah and I travel to our grandparent's and parent's for the holidays. And since the car was loaded - some of my pretty bows didn't survive our travels.

This year, I decided to wrap flatly! After playing around with a half circle, I came up with the idea to make little trees as my gift tags. I cut a circle the size of a dessert plate - then cut that in half.

 They were super easy to make - just play around with how to fold your half circle.

I used white paper for most of my trees. On my brown paper packages, I got a little more creative, using wrapping paper.

Or old book pages. And for my smaller packages - I use a 3 inch circle.

And my husband thinks I'm awesome cause he doesn't have to try to pack the car worried about crushing the bows.

One more item to cross off my Christmas To-Do List.


  1. Very cute. We too have to travel for one of our Christmas Celebrations and this will help. Your super mom. TeeHee!

  2. I just hate having ugly packages just cause we have to travel. I'll be on the hunt for more "flat" ideas!

  3. I'm going to try some of these. Such a creative neice I have!