Friday, December 9, 2011

Everybody Loves a Free Movie

Recently, Redbox changed their pricing - Renting from the kiosk will now cost you $1.20 plus tax per night. But, if you reserve your movie online, you will still be able to use the $1.00 plus tax price. I usually just use the free code that comes to my phone via text each month - but when I really want to rent a particular movie, I will now reserve it online (I'm all about saving 20 adds up!)

 Today, while browsing their site, I came across this little program. By clicking here, you and I can both enjoy free movies. Your movie is free the first time you reserve one online, and it will send me a code for a free movie. I love when everyone wins! 

After you use my link, you should have a link of your own to share with friends - so you'll get more free movies! 

I plan to address Christmas cards tonight with my BFF/Neighbor, Ashlee - maybe I'll rent a movie to help entertain us!

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