Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Treats

As you know, we do a lot of traveling around the holidays - our family is mostly in a two hour radius. Since everyone's parties are a different times, we do our best to make it to as many functions as possible. At Thanksgiving, I made a treat that would travel well (Read about the Pilgrim Hats here).

For Christmas, I found some similar treats on Pinterest.
Reindeer and Snowmen from Doughnuts!

The pictures speak for themselves -

Original post here.
For the reindeer - I purchased chocolate covered mini-doughnuts, Christmas M&M's (I figured there'd be more red ones this way), and pretzels. I may try to stick some icing or white sprinkles on for eyes.

Pin found here.
For the snowmen, I used powered mini-doughnuts, mini-chocolate chips for eyes, and orange tic-tacs for the nose. It looks as if this picture may have a different candy (or carrot??) for the nose, but I decided to stick with an easy solution. I will probably not put a mouth on my snowman - just to make them easier to assemble.

What Christmas treats are you taking to parties this weekend?

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  1. We did the moose on Christmas eve! The kids loved them!