Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quick Thanksgiving Treat

Since we are doing the progressive dinner again this year (4 dinners in 2 days...) I wanted to come up with something that I could easily prepare to take to all our destinations. I love to cook - and hate the cop-out of bringing 2 Liters. (However, I do realize that SOMEONE has to bring the pop).

My friend, Lauren, made an adorable treat. She's quite creative. Read about her Guest Post here. She brought them in to work on Tuesday - after one bite, I knew that these adorable treats would be traveling with us this Thanksgiving.

1 cup frosting (something white)
32 miniature peanut butter cups (unwrapped)
1 package (11-1/2 ounces) fudge-striped cookies
32 mini M&Ms (she used small pieces of square gum, like a Chiclet...I decided to stay in the chocolate family)

Simply dip the peanut butter cup in the white frosting and stick it over the hole of an upside down fudge-striped cookie. The icing will create the look of a ribbon around the pilgrim hat. Add the M&M to the front of the hat to form the buckle.


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