Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Are We There Yet?

With Thanksgiving travels in the near future for many families, I thought I would post a few travel-ish things I've seen on Pinterest lately.

Growing up, my family lived at least 6 hours from grandparents. Holidays = lots of time on the interstate. We would try the ABC game

Make your own road sign here.

 and the grocery store game (where you try to remember what everyone bought). But usually, about half way through, someone fell asleep or got irritated.

I can remember Amy and I saying, "Mom, she's looking out my window!" And when we would ask Dad if we were there yet, he would always reply, "We're closer than we've ever been before!"

Mom was always so creative - I can remember her wrapping up little gifts from the Dollar Store (she's always loved a Dollar Store!) for us to unwrap at certain stops along the way. Sometimes it was a book, a small puzzle, a color book, some little game.

We also listened to TONS of Adventures in Odyssey!

And I still love to listen to that program today! Its simply Christian radio theater from Focus on the Family. You may want to download a free episode or two for your next trip. This list will let you know the times and stations that play Adventures in Odyssey.

 But one of my favorite games was to see how many different state license plates I could see. I found a great printable from here.

Pin found here.

How fun to actually have something to cross off, rather than trying hard to remember how to spell Mississippi.

Other cute ideas I saw on Pinterest:

Using large bubble wrap, kids can "pop" the bubble when they see the picture underneath!

Pin found here.
Or this adorable travel Tic-Tac-Toe from an old Altoid tin. This would make adorable gifts as well.

Pin found here.
Making these printable travel folios would also be easy and entertaining. Laminating them would make them reusable! Who wouldn't love to play Battleship in the car!

Pin found here.
Now a days, I listen to music as Jeremiah listens to talk radio. Or I sleep! But just for old time's sake, I may look for license plates this trip home!

How do you stay entertained?

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