Monday, October 24, 2011

That's my Dad!

Jeremiah and I had the wonderful opportunity to see our family this weekend - I love every opportunity I get to attend Twin Oaks Baptist Church. It's such a friendly church, filled with people who love the Lord and love each other. There's nothing like the atmosphere you'll find inside this little country church on a Sunday morning. It's the church where my dad is currently the pastor.

Whenever someone hears that I am a Pastor's Kid (or a "PK"), people automatically think that I must have resented that fact - But I LOVED every minute of it! I love the fact that my parents were involved in ministry, and that they involved Amy and I in the ministry as well.

This weekend, I had the privilege of sitting under my Dad's preaching. He spoke on "Breaking Free from the Bondage of Always Feeling Inferior." What an encouragement it was! I pray it may be an encouragement to some of you!

If you're looking for a great daily devotional, my dad writes an encouraging blog, found here.

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  1. It was so good to see you & Jeremiah yesterday. Our family is blessed to be able to call your daddy our Pastor. We thank the Lord for calling him and your family to Twin Oaks. Pastor Terry's sermons and blogs apply so much to what I am going through and need to hear or read at that time.
    Have a good day. See you soon.