Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Remember Who You Are"

I've heard a particular phrase many times from my Maw-Maw..."Remember who you are!" Those four words can be a warning to be on my best behavior when out in public. But they can also be a great comfort - knowing I come from a great family who loves me and supports me. 

I've been rereading some of my Esther study in the last few days. Tonight, I read of Haman's plan to destroy the Jewish nation (Esther 3). I can only imagine the emotions surrounding the Jewish households in Persia as they received the news of what Haman had decreed.

Beth Moore reminded me of an important truth-- "Satan can't win, and you can't lose." No matter how scary our circumstances may be, if we are God's children, we know God will triumph in the end.

This past weekend while I was visiting the my parent's church, I attended the ladies Sunday school class. These ladies have been taking turns sharing their testimonies - how God has triumphed in their past circumstances. I was reminded of the importance of sharing with others what God has done for me. I was also encouraged to keep a record of God's moving in my life. For this reason, I journal. I'm not ready for the world to hear the contents of my heart just yet, but i want there to be a record someday of what God has done in this girl's life. 

"Let this be recorded for future generations, so that a people not yet born will praise the Lord."  
Psalm 120:18

Can you imagine the testimonies these Jews had -- being able to tell their descendants how God had spared their lives! Beth said, "Sometimes God uses the winds of a new threat to blow the dust off a part miracle that has moved from our active file into the archives. Remember, Beloved! Remember what God has done for you! Rehearse the story again.".

So today, despite what difficult circumstances may surround you, "Remember who you are!"

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