Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Paint Stick Frame Wall Hanging

Monday's craft for our mom's meeting was simple but well-liked. Using some paint sticks we had leftover from a previous craft, we were able to make these fun wall hangings.

In order to make the craft time run smoothly, I prepped the paint sticks ahead of time. Since the wood was super thin and flimsy, I was able to cut the sticks down to size with a sturdy pair of scissors. I stained one side of each cut paint stick as well.

We had four cardstock printables for them to choose from. You can find those to print here and here.

Two feet of jute twine was more than enough to create a hanging point.

To secure the twine to the sticks, we suggested tying a small knot around the paint stick. Then, the knot was secured to the back of the paint stick with a little bit of hot glue.

A line of hot glue along the top and the bottom of the printed cardstock held the paint sticks in place as the frames.

I have loved seeing pictures posted as the moms hang these in their homes.

This would also be a fun way to give your kid's artwork as a gift.

It was a fun, quick and inexpensive craft that they all seemed to enjoy. I love when a craft is easy enough that the moms feel empowered when the finish it!

And I love having another way to hang some Scripture around my home.