Friday, January 10, 2014

$1 Kitchen Drawer Makeover

Things start changing in my house every January. Furniture gets moved around. Cabinets are rearranged. My pile of items to sell in the upcoming consignment sale grows. I blame a few factors.
  1. Its cold. I go out less. I'm stuck inside. 
  2. The Christmas decor is gone and the house seems dull. 
  3. A new year makes me want to reorganize. 
  4. As I put away Christmas gifts, I have to get rid of items that aren't being used. (Mom always said, "You get a new purse, you get rid of an old purse.")
I did get out of the house yesterday for a few groceries and diapers. While I was in Target I HAD to stop by that Dollar Spot. And, you all know I have a slight obsession with those awesome little rolls of $1 wrapping paper. (See what I did with some of that paper here). 

I have a rubber-like shelf liner in all my kitchen cabinets. However, it never stays put in the drawers. Plus, when I open a drawer, I see more of that boring colored rubber liner than when I look in my cabinet shelves. After chasing that piece of rubber liner around the drawers one too many times, I removed it. 

But I was left with a very unattractive piece of wood staring at me each time I put dishes away. I have found that it is so much easier for me to keep something organized if it is cute. I don't know why...but that's what works for me. That being said, I knew that I had to find a "cuter" solution.

One roll of patterend wrapping paper and some double stick tape were a perfect fix. I also love the fact that it took less than 10 minutes for me to re-line my kitchen drawers.  Quick and cheap.

Since this Herringbone pattern was quite linear, it was easy to get the paper almost the right size just by eye-balling it and cutting down one of the lines. Then, I would lay the paper in the drawers, creasing the excess paper in the corners. It was super easy to trim the paper along the creases for a perfect fit. 

A piece of double-stick tape in each corner of the drawer is currently holding the paper in place just fine. 

Sure, the rubber may have been more durable and the paper may rip eventually. But for $1, I can quickly redo the liners! And then, because it is something new and a different pattern, I will be motivated again to keep things organized.

I want to be on the lookout for some clear drawer organizers. I think it would be fun to keep my utensils in place but still see the cute paper underneath. 

The bathroom drawers and a few dressers may be getting a quick makeover as I continue organizing the house. 

I figure, if I'm going to be obsessed with a certain $1 item, I might as well find creative ways to use it around the house. While I had the roll out, I decided a fun patterned table runner would be another quick use for the paper. I'm having some friends over for card games and soup in a few days - 

I always love to add a little something extra to the table to make the meal seem more special. And if something is spilled on the runner, I don't have to do laundry! Just roll out some more paper.

How do you motivate yourself to stay organized? Have you found any fun uses for the $1 wrapping paper?


  1. Love this idea and I really love that paper!!! What a cute way to "spice" up your drawers!!

  2. Cindy, is the white frame on your table from Ikea? I started to buy a coupld for .99 the other weekend while visiting SC, but I didn't. I could kick myself. Even moreso now, because that looks adorbs on your table!

    1. It sure is! I just love those little plastic frames.

  3. You could always laminate it to make it durable.