Thursday, December 21, 2017

Make Your Own Wooden Christmas Ornaments

At our Christmas Moms Group Meeting, we made a couple quick wooden Christmas ornaments. I am loving the unfinished wood look against the green fir trees...but you could easily stain or paint the wood too.

For the snowflake ornament...

I tried to come up with an idea for using those metal clips once removed...but I couldn't.

So far, hot glue has held everything in place.

The joints seemed to require a hefty amount of hot glue.

And the little notch from the metal clips provided the perfect hole for the twine.

Ribbon would also be pretty...but as I mentioned before, I am loving the natural look this Christmas season.

The Nativity ornament turned out adorable as well.

We had several different fabric options for Baby Jesus' swaddle blanket. Burlap would be adorable too.

Be sure to hot glue each fold of the blanket to the wooden Baby Jesus.

I added some natural wood bead garlands to a tree with these ornaments.

These ornaments also would make adorable gift toppers.

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