Saturday, May 13, 2017

a little thank you...

As the end of the year drew closer for my mom's group, it was time to start thinking about a little gift that we could leave with the nursery workers. If they didn't volunteer to watch our little ones during the meetings, many of these moms could not attend.

My church has had a profound impact on my children and their understanding about Jesus and the Bible. I am so thankful for all those who willingly work with my children, teaching them that Jesus loves them. Because when those truths are instilled an early age, they have a lifetime to grow.

Little seeds grow great testimonies.

We had these fruit baskets leftover from this craft. You can find the link to purchase them inexpensively in this post.

The flowers were just the $1.50 flats of 6 from Walmart - cut down into two flowers per gift.

A couple of book pages finished off the look, acting as tissue paper for our little gifts.

The tags were printed on card stock and taped to popsicle sticks . I am happy to send the PDF of this printable I created if you comment with your email address below.

A friend used this idea for some teacher gifts - she put her flower flats inside a lunch bag and rolled down the sides. A bamboo skewer made a great replacement for the popsicle stick.

Thank those who impact your children for eternity. After all, little seeds grow great testimonies

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