Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Remembering the Good: Fruit Basket Calendars

Busy, monotonous days can lead me down the path of discouragement. But when I am actively searching for the good in life and the blessings from the Lord, it's amazing how my attitude changes.

Here's a fun craft we made in my mom's group a few weeks ago to help us focus on the good. 

Using fruit baskets (purchased here) and 3x5 cards, we made gratitude journals. 

To make this project a little easier the morning of our meeting, my craft girl cut the 3x5 cards in half ahead of time. She also divided out 365 cards per lady. 

The moms wrote the date on the top of each card for an entire year. Some used date stamps.

We  then made 12 divider tabs for the 12 months. 

Then, each day, record something good that the Lord has done. It will serve as a reminder year after year.

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