Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Stovetop Simmer Starter Kit

I often associate memories and feelings with scents. My new favorite addition to our holiday home is a simmering potpourri pot! The whole house quickly smells like Christmas - and I am just using peels from an orange and a few branches from a tree outside.

For my favors at our Christmas tea (read more about that wonderful night here), I gave each lady her own stovetop simmer starter kit. 

Once you understand the concept, you will find yourself throwing all kinds of things into your pot of simmering water. 

The instructions are simple.
Toss orange peels, a handful of cranberries, and some spices (I like a cinnamon stick and some whole cloves) into a small pot. Cover the ingredients with water and bring it to a boil. Turn the heat down to a simmer and add water every thirty minutes or so. As the pot steams, your home will be filled with wonderful scents.

Some have said they forget about having to add water. If that's the case, set yourself a timer to remind you to check the water levels!

I found this handy printable already prepared for me here. The clear bags can be found on the party isle at Walmart - 20/$.97.

Most days, I save orange peels (or sliced oranges) and apple peels/core from preparing my kid's lunches, add some spices and some days I even add pine or cedar branches to the pot.  A super simple recipe is orange peel and a tablespoon or so of vanilla extract. The possibilities are endless. And it makes an adorable, affordable gift. 

I love that I can step out my backdoor, grab a tree branch, save some peels and make my home smell welcoming and cozy! Do any of you have any favorite combinations? 

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  1. Vanilla, rosemary, and lemon. I've heard its the scent Williams-Sonoma has in their store.