Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Nora Lynn is Two!

In the past month, we have celebrated a birthday, listed our house For Sale by Owner, sold our house in one week, moved, made a quick trip to the Midwest, coordinated several MOPS meeting and gone on a retreat with the ladies from my church! So, I haven't forgotten that I had a blog...in fact, I've been compiling lots of pictures for posts...

Birthdays are a big deal for me. It doesn't mean that we spend tons of money or have humongous parties. We just try to make the family member feel celebrated and special. I knew that we would y be traveling on Nora's actual birthday (September 10), so we celebrated a few days early. 

I had re-painted a well loved Melissa and Doug kitchen for Nora's room. And this little white table and chairs got a fresh coat of paint and a sweet little quote. 

I made Nora's favorite breakfast...waffles. 

She loves the table and chairs. You can usually find a tea party or plastic meal of some kind spread about the table. 

She loved when we would sing "Happy Birthday" to her and asked us for more than a week to "sing to me. Birthday dear Nora"

We also took the kids to the aquarium as part of the birthday celebration. 

I love watching their little minds explore and be amazed by the things our God has made. 

We love our Nora and the little lady she is becoming. She is funny, loving and opinionated. She makes me laugh daily and loves for me to pray with her before she goes to sleep. 

Nora, I am so thankful that the Lord picked me to be your mommy! I am excited to watch you continue to grow and mature. And I am praying that you learn to love and trust Jesus at an early age. You make our days brighter.   Happy Birthday!

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  1. She is so cute I can't even handle it!!!! Happy 2nd Birthday Nora Lynn!!! You are a special girl!!