Friday, April 22, 2016

Project: Brighten Up the Garage Laundry Area

I am so thankful for the power of one can of paint and a little hard work. Often, a big remodel isn't in the budget...but a can of paint is. Our laundry area is in the garage. Although I would love to have a cute little laundry room, I knew that wasn't an option right now. But in two day's time, with the help of my husband, I was able to transform this dingy area into something clean and bright.

The "before" was pretty typical of garage/basement laundry areas. 

Since it was in the garage, it was easy to dismiss the space and let it get cluttered. The paneling behind the appliances was dingy looking and it was not the most fun place to hang out. 

My husband moved everything off the wall for me.  Just adding the white paint seemed to make the whole area brighter. 

I also painted the door into the house from the garage black. It always seemed dirty and scuffed up. 

Once all the brackets were spray painted black, the shelves looked more uniform. 

And a plug-in light (similar to this one) with a cute metal shade helps me to be able to see what I am folding. All the other lights in the garage are behind my head when I am standing at the washer. 

The wood grain gray foam tiles (purchase them here for $20) are just part of a set of floor tiles I purchased. It is a softer surface to stand on, but easy to wipe up. Since it is the garage, I didn't want to add a rug that would show dirt. Plus, the set came with 9 tiles. If one gets dirty, I can switch it out for a new one. 

The painted canvas was from this painting party that I had with my small group. As I am folding those clothes, I can be reminded to be thankful for the family I have and the way the Lord provides for us. 

It may not be marble tiled floors  - but it's clean, fresh and fit our budget. And it is exciting to do laundry in a less dingy space. 

 And it looks like I need to mix up a new batch of laundry soap soon...

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  1. I was getting so tired of the enormous pile of laundry that my two small boys produce . . . until I started praying for them as I put away their clean clothes. As I put away socks, I pray their steps will be ordered by the Lord. As I put away pants, I pray they will walk in the ways of righteousness. Underwear? Pray for their purity. Shirts? Pray for protection for their hearts.